Humiliation games for a small boner dude

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If you are wondering why this guy with a small boner is wearing a tight fitting pink top, it is because it is all a part of the humiliation. He has a small boner and that just means that he is going to play games with these slutty babes who can’t believe that someone can have such a short dick. That is one of the reasons why one of the girls took off her top and told him to wear it, since they wanted to humiliate him even more and make fun of him.

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Three blonde babes playing with his small boner

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Imagine that you are surrounded with three super hot blonde babes who want to have sex with you but the problem is that you have a small boner and that there is nothing you can do about it. The time has come for humiliation and there is no doubt that this dude is going to remember this day. These babes are making fun of him and that is all a part of the humiliation process during which he is going to get his short dick stroked but that is all he is gonna get.

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