Small boner humiliation and a big cum load

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Jeremy knew that he is going to have fun with these two ladies but the thing is that he has a small boner and that is not something girls love. He became a part of the humiliation games and that is what made him even hornier. It was only a matter of time when he is going to empty his balls and spray all over the place. These two horny girls gave their best to make him cum and that happened quite fast. He was happy that he finally came hard.

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Emptying his balls after humiliation

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David has a small boner but he still got a chance to have sex with three stunning blonde slutty girls… By sex we mean a handjob since he just got his penis stroked and that is all. This small boner dude loves humiliation and that is what makes him super horny. You are going to love the way he is getting his wang stroked like there is no tomorrow and these babes almost feel sorry for him since he doesn’t have a bigger dick but there is nothing he can do about it…

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