Blonde and brunette babe playing with a small boner

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Humiliation is what Tom didn’t expect at all… That is what happened when he showed his small boner to these delicious girls who just want to have fun. He didn’t think that in the end he is going to experience humiliation but these chicks were simply so hot that he got scared a little bit and there was no coming back. He realized that he is not going to bang them at all, but he still wanted to empty his balls and cover their cute pretty faces in the end.

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Hot small boner humiliation on a large bed

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These girls are very horny and all they want is to feel a long dick deep inside of their fuck holes and they were hoping that he is going to provide them that but in the end they just got a chance to play with this small boner on a huge bed. It was time for humiliation and that is why these chicks started laughing at them. There was no coming back and he knew that no matter what he does now, it is too late. He wants to have a longer dick!

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Humiliation is not what he had in mind

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It sucks when you have a small boner and three babes want to have sex with you at the same time… That is what this gallery is all about and humiliation is what this dude is going to experience. He wants to bang them so badly but his small boner is not hard at all so there is nothing he can do about it. His balls are filled with a lot of man juice and it is only a matter of time when they are going to explode in the end…

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Handsome dude is in for some small boner humiliation

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When these babes got an idea to seduce him, they thought that he has a huge dick but they were so wrong since that was not true. His small boner surprised them but they still decided to give him a nice messy handjob. This dude came in the end but it was more humiliation for him than pleasure. Still, he is always ready to do the same and he hopes that the next time his dick is not going to be that floppy and short. He would like to fuck them hard.

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Close up small boner humiliation of a tattooed guy

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It sucks when you have a small boner and you are getting ready to have sex with gorgeous ladies but when you have to show what you can do, your dicks doesn’t get up, and that is when it is time for humiliation. These girls are ready to make fun of him and to mock him and there is nothing he can do about it. The only way he can stop them if by getting an amazing erection, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen soon.

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