Small boner humiliation in the kitchen

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Poor Jack… He wanted to have sex with two girls at the same time and he managed to seduce them but when he had to make it happen, he pulled out his small boner which was not even hard at all… He knew that soon he is going to become a part of the humiliation game and there was nothing he could do about it. The redhead babe was laughing so hard that Jack felt even more embarrassed and he knew that there is no way he is going to bang them tonight.

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Cool small boner humiliation action

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It is not that easy to find a guy with such a small boner like in this gallery and that is why it is even more interesting watching these photos of humiliation… The girl stroking his tool is using only her two fingers since there is no need for her to use her whole hand. His dick is very short but he still has a goal to cum hard. His balls are filled with a lot of man juice but that is going to change soon if she continues stroking his tool so fast.

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Humiliation games for a small boner dude

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If you are wondering why this guy with a small boner is wearing a tight fitting pink top, it is because it is all a part of the humiliation. He has a small boner and that just means that he is going to play games with these slutty babes who can’t believe that someone can have such a short dick. That is one of the reasons why one of the girls took off her top and told him to wear it, since they wanted to humiliate him even more and make fun of him.

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Laughing and mocking is what humiliation is all about

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He has a small boner and that is why these sexy babes are laughing so hard. They simply can’t believe that it is possible that someone has such a short dick but it is true and that is why the time has come for some humiliation. His small boner was more than ready to penetrate their pussies but when that moment arrived, he couldn’t get it up and that was the end. He hoped that he is going to have sex with these amazing babes but he just jerked it off…

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Humiliation for a dude with a small boner

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It sucks when you have a small boner and you have a chance to bang one of the hottest girls in the neighborhood and that is exactly what happened to Carl. He was very happy to get his penis stroked all night long but in the end he couldn’t reach a strong orgasm and that is why he didn’t even bang her… Too bad for him but that is what happens when you have a small boner. Humiliation then comes naturally as a part of the process of seduction and lust…

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